About us

The Bamar Company is a Polish manufacturer of clothes for infants and children, established in the year 1998. The Nicol brand was created in 2009 and is already well known among parents and children. We specialize in the design and production of clothes and underwear for children up to 6 years of age. Products with the NICOL logo are synonymous with quality, elegance, comfort and style.

We do our best to make the products we offer meet your expectations and make the little ones feel comfortable in them. Our designers follow the latest trends in children fashion and, based on them, develop their own unique ideas.

All the products offered by us come from Poland, are manufactured in the company’s headquarters, which means that we are perfectly able to supervise the entire production process. This ensures the highest quality of our products. NICOL products all have a “safe for children” certificate.

We also endeavor to make the clothes we produce stand out in terms of their aesthetic. The clothing is designed to ensure the highest comfort of use and possibility to create interesting sets. As a result, NICOL brand products are not only reliable and safe, but also highlight the individuality of every child.

In the year 2010 we began helping sick children as part of co-operation with the Association “Parasol dla życia” (Umbrella for life), www.parasoldlazycia.org

and in September 2013 our company was honored with the KidZone Seal of Quality certificate, which is a sign of recognition of the effort which the company puts in its products’ and services’ adherence to the highest standards. The certificate also honors entities which achieve great quality and safety levels through continued improvement and introduce innovative, pro-child solutions.

Children are our greatest treasure, which is why every parent wants the very best for their child. A child’s world is without limits, filled with play, fantasy and laughter. Only during childhood do we experience everything so intensely. For years the Nicol brand has been a part of this fantastic world, doing its best to meet the requirements and needs of parents. We constantly develop our network, as well as product quality. We hope that our offers will be an inspiration for parents to create a colorful world for their children.

Why Nicol? …because you love your child!